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When to monetize your podcast and how to do it: Benjamin Shapiro

Episode Summary

In this episode, Benjamin Shapiro, the veteran growth marketing consultant, host of the MarTech Podcast, and a fellow podcaster from the Hubspot Podcast Network, joins us to discuss podcast monetization. Ben has dabbled a lot with podcast monetization and runs his podcast network, called “I hear everything,” a collection of daily interview-based podcasts. In this episode, he shares his expertise on: --> Common mistakes that first-time podcasters make when it comes to monetization? --> When should a podcaster start thinking about monetizing their content? What’s the inflection point? --> Signs to look out for before you get to monetize your podcast --> The different ways in which you can monetize your show --> How to grow your podcast? --> Metrics/signals that advertisers look for when they invest their ad dollars on a podcast? --> The ROI of podcast advertising, and a lot more...