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Implementing customer-led growth step-by-step: with Claire Suellentrop

Episode Summary

In this episode, Claire Suellentrop, the co-founder of Forget the Funnel, joins us to discuss how to implement customer-led growth for your organization step-by-step. Here are some key timestamps you might want to jump into: 2:30 Claire talks about what customer-led growth means and how it’s not yet another buzzword. She details how it’s different from the PLG or sales-led or marketing-led growth motion and how customer-led is directly related to Jobs-To-Be-Done. 7:11 As companies go from startup to scale-up, how customer intimacy weakens and some of the symptoms to identify that. Claire goes into the details of how to identify the success gaps in the buyer journey. 9:23 Sparktoro case study: The specifics of the survey to understand SparkToro’s customers, how they ensured they’re not getting averaged-out answers, for example — identifying true sources of new customer sources (because in this case, a lot of people known Rand Fishkin and most initial customers might be founder-led) 24:20 The top 3-5 key takeaways you need to aim for, from your customer interviews 27:40 How to leverage all the collected answers to build your growth levers. Claire talks about how you can put together these answers on a spreadsheet and derive insights to help you construct growth pillars and a lot more...